The main requirement for hall door is reliability. It protects office, house or apartment from intruders, cold of street, wind and noise. Metal doors which are so popular now fully cope with these tasks, but they have a disadvantage— they not always look aesthetically beautifuland fulfill tastes of hosts of a house in terms of beauty. It can be corrected by onlays for hall doors— products easy in installation that completely transform door constructions.

Unity of style — guaranty of harmonic interior

If you want your hall door to combine with interior doors, the best variant is to install on it onlay that fully repeat design, color and materials of door leaf. Now it is possible with company “Istok Doors”, in fact we have already started production of onlays; their design is identical with models with ecoveneer coating.

Peculiarity of our manufacturing process is use of built up technology. During fabrication each onlay is coated with thin, but durable polypropylene film, as a result the product acquires look fully identical to interior door and don’t differ from it in color and style. And only then the process of working up in final construction is carried out.

Advantages of production of “Istok Doors”

Onlays for hall doors of our production repeat exactly look of interior doors. Due to it you can prompt all interior to uniform style without spending money on replacement of hall doors which is often accompanied with noisy work of dismantling and installation. What`s more the installation of onlay will be less expensive.

We have wide choice of door models and onlays— light and dark shades of natural wood will give you joy by its aesthetic qualities, horizontal and vertical lines will allow widening the space visually or making it more comfortable.

Examine our assortment and make sure that onlays are practic and economic way of masking defects of hall door, renewing its look and prompting all door constructions at home to uniform style.